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Meltblown Above Ground
Premium Pool Filtration

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Benefits of Meltblown Technology*:

  • Low Maintenance vs. Pleated Filters

  • Designed to last longer than a pleated filter

  • Superior filtration down to 3-5 microns for cleaner, clearer water (traditional pleated filters remove particles down to 10-15 microns)

  • Maximum dirt holding capacity

  • Reduces maintenance time

  • Enhanced return flow

  • Improved suction/surface skimming action

  • Less back pressure on the filter system

  • Enhanced overall circulation

  • Enhanced chemical distribution

  • Conserves water and time (because of no monthly cleaning)

Other Features:

  • 5 sizes to fit most commonly used above ground filter housings

  • Made in the USA

Directions for Use:

  1. Pre-soak for 1 minute in tap or pool water.

  2. Remove and dispose of your current filter.

  3. Install Clorox filter with a press-in fit inside the house. Tighten the lid down. The plastic ridge will press down into the filter to hold it securely.

  4. Monitor water flow. Follow the pump manufacturer's recommendation of when to change the filter. 

Important Maintenance Tip: The Meltblown Filter is designed to require minimal maintenance. Rinse debris as needed. High pressure flow from a hose can damage the filter. For any questions, call 888.715.3944.

* Versus Clorox Pool & Spa Pleated Filter.

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